What Is Boudoir, Anyways?


April 10, 2024

I'm a professional boudoir photographer based in San Diego, California. My mission: to help you reconnect, celebrate, and fall in love with your own self .
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When you first hear the word boudoir, what do you think of?

One of the most common assumptions that I hear about boudoir photography (or when I awkwardly tell my Uber driver what I photograph after they ask) is that it is primarily of younger women as a gift to their future husband for their wedding day, and looks mostly like high heels, lingerie, and seductive posing in a bed.

And while I love lingerie and think high heels are gorgeous,

Boudoir is so much more than that!

Boudoir photography, in short, is a type of intimate portrait photography all about celebrating and empowering you.

Maybe you want to step out of your comfort zone and discover another side to your personality you never even knew existed. Or you’re tired of critiquing your body in the mirror and want to see yourself as a work of art instead. Or maybe you want to document your gorgeous self for your birthday to look back on in 10, 20, 40 years. No matter your reason, boudoir photography is for you.

My primary goal as your boudoir photographer is to empower you, whatever that looks like.

For some, empowering IS lace and Louboutins.

But for others, it can look like your favorite band tee and knee high socks. Or a boss ass power suit. Or your favorite pair of Levi’s. Or your laugh, or dancing to your favorite music, or the details of your curves or stretch marks or collarbones or tattoos or back. Or, naturally, a combination of many things as the multifaceted human you are.

In short: beauty and sexy have no definition, and in my boudoir studio you get to define it for yourself.

(seriously, just check out the portfolio to see how limitless your boudoir photoshoot can be)

A photoshoot with me includes four different outfits or looks, so if you want to wear lingerie, that gorgeous silky slip dress, some kick-ass combat boots and a sweater, AND a simple bodysuit that highlights you? Absolutely. Heck yes. Let’s do it all.

And let’s do it for you.

Some of my clients do come to me before their wedding as a gift to their fiancé, but I always encourage them (and everyone) to first and foremost do a photoshoot like this for you.

Boudoir can be a very vulnerable and powerful experience that (quite literally) helps show you your own self through new eyes in a new light. It is so rare that we fully celebrate and see ourselves like this, and your boudoir photoshoot should help you revel in all that you are. And if you want to share your photos with somebody else too, they will love them because they love you.

I photograph boudoir because I understand how it feels to struggle to see our own beauty and worth. Let’s be honest – some days, I still struggle to see my own. But I know the power that a boudoir photoshoot can have. I’ve seen it and created it for hundreds of women.

But what we do is about so much more than taking gorgeous photos (and we will!). It’s about taking the time to celebrate you, right now, exactly how you are. It’s about telling yourself that you are worthy of celebrating and documenting you. Because you are.

Choosing a boudoir photographer is such an important decision since it is a very personal experience. My goal is to not only create beautiful images, but to also help you FEEL that beauty, power, and confidence, and leave you strutting out of the studio doors.

So if you want to see yourself in a new light and redefine what “sexy” looks like for yourself,

I would love to photograph you, too!


heels and lace? gorgeous. a kick- 🍑 blazer? amazing. your favorite jeans? love it. nothing at all? you got it! Boudoir is about what empowers you — whatever that looks like. ❤️ #boudoir #selflove #sandiegoboudoir #sandiegoboudoirstudio

♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

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