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February 26, 2024

I'm a professional boudoir photographer based in San Diego, California. My mission: to help you reconnect, celebrate, and fall in love with your own self .
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WOOHOO! You did it! You just booked your boudoir photoshoot and are probably filled with excitement, jitters, and a bit of omgdidIreallydothis? (totally normal). No worries, I’ve got your back!

Here’s a peek at what to expect after you book your photoshoot with me:

DIRECTLY AFTER BOOKING, you’ll get a giant email from me with all steps to help us start planning your dream photoshoot. You’ll receive a questionnaire, my 20-page prep guide, and advice for creating an inspiration board so we can make sure your photoshoot is totally tailored to you. As always, I’ll be just a text, email, or phone call away if you need any help!

A FEW WEEKS BEFORE YOUR PHOTOSHOOT, you’ll receive another email from me to schedule our planning call. On this video call, we will chat about what to wear, what to bring, and how you want your final portraits to look. We will go over your Pinterest board together and plan everything out so you are 110% ready to go for your big day! I’ll even make a packing list for you. And if you’re worried about what to wear, no worries — I have a studio wardrobe with versatile pieces and accessories we can use too.

A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOUR PHOTOSHOOT, I recommend to start packing and finishing any appointments (hair, makeup, nails, etc.). Get some R&R, eat plenty of food, and check out the steps in my prep guide to help you feel your best. You’re going to rock it.

ON YOUR BIG DAY, your hair and makeup will be done by a member of our glam squad unless you’ve requested a natural beauty shoot. You should have your face clean and moisturized, and your hair dry and ready to be styled. You’ll be able to chill and relax in the makeup chair, and have some girl talk time before your photoshoot begins. I’ll even have snacks, drinks, and a comfy robe (with pockets!) you can chill in, and take home to keep.

ONCE THE PHOTOSHOOT BEGINS, you can expect me to give you tons of encouragement and direction. I will not expect you to know what to do or how to pose. I will guide you from head to toe. I’m with you literally every step of the way!

During your shoot, your time will FLY by. That’s a good thing! We always have a lot of fun. I recommend bringing a playlist ready with music that makes you feel confident, so we can connect your playlist to the studio speakers and jam out!

AT YOUR PHOTO REVEAL appointment directly after your photoshoot (no waiting to see your photos!), we’ll relax in front of the big screen and show a slideshow of your gorgeous collection of at least 50 images. We will pick out your favorites together, and decide what you would like to purchase.

AT THE END OF YOUR PHOTOSHOOT DAY, I will help you pack up your things and you’ll add your quote and name to the empowerment wall! I’ll also give you a high five because, GIRL, you rocked it.

WITHIN 2 WEEKS of your photoshoot day, you’ll get an email from me with your finished, retouched photos! Plus, I will also send your album layout and confirmations for your prints and wall art. You will be able to request absolutely any changes before approving your order to go to print. I want to make sure that you are absolutely in love with your images and print selections before sending them off to the printers!

WITHIN 8 WEEKS after approving your order, all of your purchased products will be ready for pickup, and sometimes sooner! All of your prints are handcrafted in the United States, Canada, and Italy by printmakers who I absolutely LOVE. Only the best for you! I’ll send you an email letting you know when your products are ready for pickup, or with your tracking number if you live out of the area and we are shipping to you. Pickup days are so much fun because you will be able to open up and see yourself as art. It is a whole different experience than seeing your photos just on a screen!

WITHIN 6 MONTHS of your photo reveal appointment, you’ll want to do this again. And trust me — round two will be even better!

Want more info on booking your own photoshoot? Contact me directly here! I’d love to photograph you and give you this experience, too.

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